Mark Zekhuis (1968) is working as an ecologist by Landschap Overijssel (, a NGO that manages nature-reserves in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Species conservation has his prime attention. Beside his work, he is a bird-guide for Birding Breaks ( which gives him the opportunity to travel around the world. But because of his interest, he tries to see specific species in and outside the Netherlands. Snow-leopard, lynx (European and Pardel), flying squirrel, wolf, saiga or jaguar are some of the species worth for travelling.

At home he is involved as a volunteer for WIN (Wolves in the Netherlands), RAVON (NGO for Amphibians and Reptiles), red kites, badgers, pine martens, otters and stag beetles. He likes to take photos of the unique changes to see these species and nature in the whole. The photos are not very technical or a result of long waiting, but gives more a picture what comes on his path.