Since 1 October 1976 Peter L. Meininger is employed by Rijkswaterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure, NL). He was involved in many multidisciplinary studies (macrozoobenthos, birds, habitat changes). In recent years he is mainly involved with the organisation and supervision of various projects, mainly dealing with management of coastal areas, dams, dikes, sluices and roads.

Ornithological projects abroad included visits to Bahrain, Egypt (14 times), Greece, Iran, Libya, Mauritania, Senegal (2x), South Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey and the United States (2x).

(Co-)edited seven books (including ‘The Birds of Egypt’ and ‘Flora Zeelandica’) and several large reports, and published over 200 papers.

Former member of the editorial board of the ornithological journals ‘Sula’, ‘Atlantic Seabirds’, ‘Dutch Birding’ and ‘Sandgrouse’.